Landscape Residential Design

Residential landscape space is unique in that it reflects the personality and requirements of the client. It exists just outside the door. The functionality of the space need to be considered along with the landform and the buildings and importantly growth. Not just of the plants and how elements will age but of the families that will use the space.

 envirostudio can provide residential designs ranging from concept, construction drawings, estimate of costs, to project management of the installation of the gardens. We are able to provide designs of all styles of gardens and all methods and types of construction. Types of garden styles include low maintenance gardens, native, subtropical, Japanese (Trevor lived for three years in Tokyo and Kyoto, taking time off during landscape architectural studies), permaculture, cottage style gardens,  and more.

Having  landscape architect designed construction drawings can save money. When getting tenders for the construction a full set of documented drawings includes overland flow, slope and gradients, services, details for everything from planting details to the garden edges, decks and pergolas so that there is no ambiguity. This enables potential contractors to give more precise competitive estimates of costs without having to cover themselves for any unknowns.

Of course some like to work on the garden themselves. And planning is paramount. A simple landscape concept plan can be used over months or years as a planning tool, providing a unified well though out beautiful garden that entirely suits the owner, as well as incorporating existing and even neighbouring plantings.